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Potato Chips bag from Interstate Biscuit Co.

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Dec 6th, 2016. Artwork published in
circa 1930
    Source: Image (and animation) via The Hagley Vault. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Date unknown. From collection 2009.213, Fingerman Ephemera Collection, in Hagley’s Audiovisual Collections. Thanks to The Hagley Vault for sharing and animating!





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    2 Comments on “Potato Chips bag from Interstate Biscuit Co.”

    1. Nick Sherman says:
      Dec 17th, 2016  8:05 pm

      Are you sure this is Franklin Gothic? The bowl of the P looks a bit high, the aperatuce of the C a bit small, and the S a bit wide. It could conceivably be another similar gothic from the turn of the century, like Inland Gothic.

    2. Dec 17th, 2016  10:31 pm

      Good catch. Switched to Gothic No. 578 and added some info to the bio of this Franklin Gothic precursor.

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