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Escalator by Sam Gopal

Photo(s) by “Michael Mechthold-Jin”. Imported from Flickr on Dec 29, 2015. Artwork published in
March 1969
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Michael Mechthold-Jin and tagged with “compacta” and “eurostile”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Some songs on this album sound as if the lead guitar and the percussions had been recorded in different rooms where they could not hear each other. Like Frank Zappa’s xenochrony. That’s probably my own perception and not based on facts but it’s one of the reasons why I like the record. Not many people do: The reviews I found in the net are mostly negative.

    My copy has a gatefold cover made of structured cardboard.

    Photo by Roy A. Giles. Cover art by Paul Francis. Produced by Trevor Walters.

    Cold Embrace – 3:22 The Dark Lord – 3:45 The Sky Is Burning – 2:32 You’re Alone Now – 3:46 Grass – 4:08
    It’s Only Love – 4:27 Escalator – 2:52 Angry Faces – 4:01 Midsummer Night’s Dream – 2:18 Season of the Witch – 4:31 Yesterlove – 5:01


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