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Der dritte Mann (The Third Man) movie poster, Atlas rerelease

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jun 26th, 2015. Artwork published in
circa 1964
    Source: “euros200050” on eBay. License: All Rights Reserved.

    I cannot identify the large type. Possibly an unchronicled typeface in wood or photo format. Everything else except the Atlas Film logo is Akzidenz-Grotesk.


    • Akzidenz-Grotesk
    • unidentified typeface
    • Helvetica




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    2 Comments on “Der dritte Mann (The Third Man) movie poster, Atlas rerelease”

    1. Jun 26th, 2015  9:48 pm

      The title could also be custom drawn. The repeating letters aren’t identical, certainly ‘r’ and ‘t’. And ‘e’ and ‘n’ seem to be different, too, when you look at their counters and apertures.

    2. Blythwood says:
      Oct 21st, 2017  11:59 am

      The title sequence of the film is an interesting example of adapted type itself. The lettering is based on Perpetua, with Gill’s italic 'g’, extended 'R’, swash italic cap 'P’, foot serifs in italic. But it’s customised: the descenders are extended and the capitals condensed or expanded based on name length. The 'W’ sometimes has three top serifs like Perpetua or no centre one like Baskerville, too.Zither music title from The Third Man

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