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7 Up Branding (1976–79)

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jul 1st, 2013. Artwork published in .
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    A 7Up can from 1976. Some sources say this logo was used on cans from 1972–76, others dispute that.

    In the mid 1970s, 7 Up (AKA 7UP or Seven-Up) was one of the fastest-growing soft drink brands. Much of that success may be due to their extraordinary marketing campaigns featuring art from big names like John AlcornCharles White, III and Milton Glaser and the ambitious “United We Stand” series of cans featuring 50 different designs.

    The bubbly logo was set in Futura Dot, a Photo-Lettering typeface that has been digitized by Harold Lohner as Fortuna Dot.

    Source: Photo by Bob Treat. License: All Rights Reserved.

    7 Up letterhead with response to a request for the 1977 “Uncola Poster Offer” featuring designs from prominent artists like John Alcorn, Pat Dypold, Kim Whitesides, Milton Glaser, and Charles White, III.

    Source: Photo by Jason Liebig. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Flat can label from the “United We Stand” promotion celebrating the US Bicentennial. 50 different cans were released featuring the states. When stacked, the pattern on the backside of the cans created an image of Uncle Sam (see below).

    Source: Photo by Bob Treat. License: All Rights Reserved.

    7UP ad from 1977.

    Source: Image via BevReview using photos from License: All Rights Reserved.
    Source: Image via BevReview using photos from License: All Rights Reserved.
    Source: Image: Just Seventeen. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Ad in July 1979 issue of Seventeen magazine.


    • Futura Dot
    • ITC Avant Garde Gothic
    • Futura
    • Bookman



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    4 Comments on “7 Up Branding (1976–79)”

    1. Jul 2nd, 2013  3:45 am

      For what it’s worth, that’s the pre-ITC version of Bookman, the post-metal one that appeared in the sixties with all the crazy swashes.

    2. Jul 2nd, 2013  7:11 am

      Thank you, Mark, always appreciated! I fixed the attribution.

    3. Paul Perdue says:
      Mar 12th, 2016  4:16 am

      I have two photo albums called “Uncola Art” on my Facebook photo album page, if you’re interested. They cover the years 1968–72 and 1973–77.

    4. Mar 12th, 2016  5:53 pm

      Hi Paul, sounds interesting! Unfortunately, these albums are not publicly accessible.

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