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Poison Season by Destroyer

Contributed by Shawn Weston on Sep 9th, 2015. Artwork published in
August 2015
    Photo: Shawn Weston. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The album's shrinkwrap, with sticker. Eviscerated open by me. Tiempos and Knockout on the sticker.

    It’s a joy to see one of my favorite fonts — Tiempos — being used on the packaging of the fantastic new album by one of my favorite bands, Destroyer. The Tiempos is printed in metallic foil on the back, no less! This is the kind of pleasure you can’t get from a digital download, especially if you’re a font geek like me.

    I’ve used Kris Sowersby’s Tiempos from Klim Type Foundry on previous projects, and am in love with its form and readability. The Pitchfork Review uses it, as well, in body text and in select display text. Its always such a clean read when I pick it up off the coffee table.

    Destroyer’s new album, Poison Season, appears to be using Tiempos Headline Black. Liner notes acknowledge Maggie Fost of Merge Records as the designer. Maggie’s designed a bunch of great album covers, including another of my favorites: Eleanor Friedberger’s Last Summer.

    Besides the sticker on the plastic wrapper above, I’ve attached examples of the many places where Tiempos is used on the Poison Season packaging.

    The lyrics and credits in the liner notes are set in a different font. It appears to be Knockout from Hoefler & Co.

    Merge Records. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The Disc. Artist name and album title set in Tiempos.

    Merge Records. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Inside. Song titles set in Tiempos.

    Merge Records. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Back of the album set in Tiempos and a metallic foil!

    Merge Records. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Back of the liner notes. Song titles set in Tiempos and lyrics set in Knockout.

    Merge Records. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Album cover, minus wrapper.


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