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The Organ in America album cover

Contributed by Herb Lubalin Study Center on Aug 15th, 2017. Artwork published in
August 1960
    License: All Rights Reserved.

    Cover of E. Power Biggs ‎– The Organ In America, released on Columbia Masterworks label ‎– ML 5496. Published in 1960.

    The Organ In America: Being a Survey of the Organ-Builder’s art as practised in these United States from the Revolution until the War Between the States with many Sounds of the actual Instruments playing lively Tunes & Musicks of the Day.

    Collected & Performed by E. Power Biggs with divers Articles and Illustrations of this Fascinating but Little-Known Inheritance.

    The typography combines Goudy Heavyface Italic with another design by Frederic Goudy, Kennerley. It appears in roman and italic, the latter embellished with a few alternate swash caps (B, D) and the long s (ſ). It also uses the italic ampersand throughout the text, which has a more expressive appearance than its roman counterpart. The bottom pattern is cleverly constructed out of O’s set in Goudy Heavyface in red alternating with Kennerley in black.


    • Goudy Heavyface
    • Kennerley




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    1. Aug 15th, 2017  9:18 am

      The record later was reissued in stereo as MS-6161, with “STEREO” and the headlines on the gatefold now ironically set in Cooper Black Italic.

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